Let us help you in finding expert local cupboard installers for your kitchen, bedroom, and additional cupboard installations


Begin your journey in transforming your kitchen, bedroom, and other spaces by letting us assist you with expert local cupboards installations.

With a myriad of manufactured cupboard options to skillful installers, they can meet all your design and budget needs.

Custom cabinets by Local Pros offer befitting solutions for homes employing a thorough understanding of customers’ requirements.

  • Whether you’re looking for built-in cupboards or standalone units, the companies we service will ensure professionally fitted fixtures that add both function and aesthetic appeal to your home.

With services extending past installation into repair an effective solution for rejuvenating tired cabinetry, experts provide comprehensive options catering to all your cupboard related needs including fixing water damaged chests or worn-out handles and hinges.

As proficient cupboard installers servicing residential properties across South Africa – from Durban to Pretoria East – experts don’t just offer functional storage; they bring life-enhancing adjustments that transform living spaces while adding value to properties.

  • Trust them in guiding you through this transformative process right from selection until final installation with top-notch results guaranteed each time.

Experienced Cupboard Services in South Africa

Experienced Cupboard Services in South Africa

In South Africa, there is a range of experienced cupboard services including custom design and installation, local installation, trusted renovation, expert refacing, skilled repair, and commercial solutions.

Custom Cupboard Design and installation

Choosing the perfect cupboard design and getting it installed shouldn’t be a nerve-racking experience.

  • Professionals take customer preferences to heart, offering tailor-made cupboard designs ranging from kitchens to bathrooms.

The beauty of custom cupboards lies within their ability to suit your space perfectly while reflecting your personal style.

  • Furthermore, companies provide full instruction manuals for assembly and after-sales support, you can rest assured any installation hiccups will be swiftly dealt with.
  • Whether it’s kitchen cabinets or bedroom wardrobes you need, these South African businesses emphasise quality craftsmanship within a range of budget-friendly options.

Don’t compromise; opt for customised design and professional installation that promises longevity and adds value to your home.

Local Cupboard Installation

Local Cupboard Installation is more than a service; it’s an indispensable solution for homeowners and businesses alike in South Africa.

  • It offers skilled installation of cupboards, covering design alterations to fit into various interior settings perfectly such as kitchens, bedrooms and even commercial spaces like offices.
  • With proficient installers on call, they apply the best practices honed over years of experience in delivering top-notch cupboard services.

Expert Local Cupboard Installers stand ready to assist with both new installations and repairs, infusing practicality with aesthetics to give your space a unique appeal.

  • From dealing with water-damaged units to hinge replacement under their comprehensive cupboard rescue programme: no challenge is too big or small.

Their promise extends beyond offering affordable prices – it’s about ensuring quality customer satisfaction at every step from consultation through completion.

Trusted Cupboard Renovation

Entrusting your cupboard renovation to a team of professionals is essential for achieving optimal results.

  • Experts offer a cost-effective solution that breathes new life into tired or damaged cabinetry.

Professional teams excel at renovating all types of cupboards, replacing hinges and runners, rectifying water damage and updating handles with expert precision. They’ve garnered positive reviews from numerous satisfied customers as testament to the quality of their workmanship.

  • Moreover, they are known not just for their expertise in refurbishing older units but also creating fresh designs that match the latest trends and styles in interior decor.

With several experienced kitchen cupboard repair services available near most locations across the country including Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town; restoring your worn-out cupboards to make them look brand-new again has never been easier or more convenient.

Experienced Cupboard Refacing

Experienced Cupboard Refacing is a cost-effective solution for tired or damaged cabinetry.

  • Instead of replacing your entire cabinets, you can re-wrap or re-surface your existing cupboard doors or panels, giving them a fresh and updated look.

Not only does this option save you money, but it is also environmentally friendly as it reduces waste.

  • Cabinet refacing is a convenient and budget-friendly way to enhance the beauty of your kitchen without the hassle of a full renovation.

Trust in the expertise of professional companies to transform your outdated cupboards into something beautiful and functional again.

Skilled Cupboard Repair

Professional companies are your go-to solution for skilled cupboard repairs.

  • With many years of experience, their team of experts specializes in fixing all types of cupboards, from broken drawers to water-damaged units.

They offer cost-effective services such as replacing hinges and runners, repairing water damage, and replacing handles.

Trust their skilled professionals to restore your cupboards to their former glory with precision and attention to detail.

Expert Commercial Cupboard Solutions

Looking to enhance your commercial space with expertly crafted and tailored built-in cupboard solutions? Look no further!

  • Experienced carpenters and fitters specialize in providing top-notch commercial cupboard solutions in South Africa.

From custom designs to flawless installations, they have you covered.

Their services go beyond just installation. They also offer repairs, replacements, and refurbishments for hinges, runners, handles, as well as water-damaged units.

  • With their cost-effective Cupboard Rescue options, you can restore tired or damaged cabinetry without breaking the bank.
  • When it comes to kitchen cabinets specifically, they work closely with leading suppliers.

This ensures that we provide you with high-quality products that perfectly suit your needs.

List of Benefits of Affordable Cupboard Installations in South Africa

List of Benefits of Affordable Cupboard Installations in South Africa

  • Efficient space utilization: Built-in cupboards are designed to maximize the available space in your kitchen, bedroom, or any other area of your home. This allows you to have more storage options and keeps your living spaces organized and clutter-free.
  • Customized designs: Affordable cupboard installations offer the flexibility to choose customized designs that suit your personal style and preferences. You can select the materials, finishes, colors, and hardware that match the overall aesthetics of your home.
  • Long-lasting durability: Properly constructed cupboards are built to last for many years. They are made with high-quality materials that can withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring longevity and value for money.
  • Cost-effective solutions: Affordable cupboard installations provide cost-effective solutions for homeowners who want to enhance the functionality and appearance of their living spaces without breaking the bank. These installations offer a great return on investment by adding value to your property.
  • Convenient storage solutions: Cupboards provide ample storage space for all your belongings, making it easy to organize and access them whenever needed. From kitchen essentials to clothing and accessories, having well-designed cupboards ensures everything has its dedicated place.
  • Improved aesthetics: Installing cupboards enhances the overall aesthetics of your home. With a wide range of designs, colours, and finishes available in South Africa, you can create a visually pleasing environment that reflects your personal style.

Big Range of Cupboards for Sale with Installation

Discover a wide selection of high-quality cupboards available for purchase and installation.

  • Upgrade your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or any other space with expertly crafted cupboards.

Built in Cupboards

Choose from a wide selection of high-quality built-in cupboards for your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, garage, or office.

  • Experts offer affordable options that are both stylish and durable.

You can customize the design to suit your needs and preferences. Whether you prefer a modern handle less look or a classic Shaker style, there’s something for everyone.

  • With direct access to products from the manufacturer at kitchen cupboard factory shops, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting the best value for your money.

Don’t settle for generic storage solutions when you can have custom-built cupboards that perfectly fit your space and lifestyle.

Walk-in Cupboards

Walk-in cupboards, also known as walk-in closets, are highly desirable storage spaces that offer statement solutions for your bedroom or dressing room.

  • These spacious cupboards provide ample room to organize and showcase your clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Unlike built-in closets, walk-in cupboards are easier to install and upgrade, making them a popular choice for homeowners.

  • In fact, if the panels of your walk-in cupboard become outdated or you simply want to refresh the look, they can be easily swapped out.

Walk-in pantries are also available for those foodies or bulk shoppers who require extra storage space in the kitchen.

  • With customizable options and versatility, walk-in cupboards are a must-have addition to any home.

Kitchen Cupboards

Kitchen cupboards are an essential element in any home, providing valuable storage space for all your kitchen essentials.

  • From food and cooking equipment to silverware and dishes, these built-in furniture pieces offer a practical solution to keep everything organized and easily accessible.
  • Cupboard experts offer a range of kitchen cupboards that cater to different styles, whether you prefer a modern handleless design or a more traditional Shaker-style cabinet.

You can even purchase them online and create your dream kitchen from the comfort of your own home.

And if you need help with installation, they can assist you in finding experienced cupboard installers who will ensure that your new kitchen cupboards are expertly installed for maximum functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Bedroom Cupboards

Bedroom cupboards are an essential addition to any home, offering not only practical storage solutions but also adding value to your property.

  • With a range of colour and design options available, you can find the perfect cupboard to suit your bedroom decor.

Whether you’re looking for a corner wardrobe or a flat-pack built-in cupboard, there are options available that cater to your specific needs.

Bathroom Cupboards

Bathroom cupboards are an essential component of any well-designed bathroom.

  • They not only provide storage space for all your toiletries and essentials but also add style and functionality to the room.

Cupboards installers offer a wide range of bathroom cupboard options that are tailored to meet your specific requirements.

  • With their affordable bathroom vanity solutions, you can create a stunning focal point in your bathroom without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re looking for floor cabinets or wall cabinets, they’ve got you covered with their extensive online selection.

  • Remember, when choosing bathroom cupboards, consider factors like style, storage needs, and expert advice from comprehensive guides on fitted bathroom furniture and selecting cabinets.

Laundry Room Cupboards

Laundry room cupboards offer a practical and stylish solution to keep your laundry area organized and clutter-free.

  • With a variety of styles, including upper and lower cabinetry, built-in armoires, and cabinets with special features like built-in drying racks, these cupboards are designed to maximize storage space while adding visual appeal.

Custom options are also available for those who want to tailor their storage solutions to their specific needs. You can even find cupboard sliding baskets that help make the most of limited space.

  • Brands offer ready-made cabinets and accessories for sale, including drying cabinets for delicate garments or bulkier items.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a builder, there are convenient options available at factory shops and online retailers for sourcing high-quality kitchen cupboards as well.

Pantry Cupboards

Pantry cupboards are an essential addition to any kitchen, providing convenient storage space for your groceries and cooking essentials.

  • Whether you have a small pantry or a larger walk-in cupboard, it’s important to utilize the space efficiently and keep everything organized.

With the help of appropriate organizers and careful design, you can create a functional and aesthetically pleasing pantry that suits your needs.

  • There are various options available when it comes to pantry cupboards, from ready-made cabinets at different price points to custom designs tailored specifically to your kitchen layout.

So whether you’re looking for extra storage or want to upgrade your existing pantry, there are plenty of solutions out there to make your life easier in the kitchen.

Grocery Cupboard

Professional cupboard installers are your one-stop option for a wide range of high-quality cupboards in South Africa. Whether you’re looking for kitchen cupboards, bedroom cupboards, or pantry cupboards, they have it all.

  • What sets them apart is that their cupboards are manufactured locally using A-grade double-face materials, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • You can also find DIY kitchen cupboards at if you prefer to install them yourself.

They offer convenient online shopping options and have a collection that includes cupboard doors and worktops as well.

  • With their commitment to quality and affordability, cupboard installers are the go-to destination for all your cupboard needs in South Africa.

Garage Cupboards

Garage cupboards offer a range of benefits that can greatly enhance the functionality and organization of your garage space.

  • Not only do they provide secure storage for tools, equipment, and household items, but they also help keep your garage tidy and free from clutter.

With wholesale cabinet fittings such as quality handles, knobs, and accessories, you can customize your garage cupboards to suit your specific needs.

  • Whether you prefer ready-made cabinets from brands or want to create a customized storage system using store-bought cabinets, there are affordable options available.

Remember that open shelving is a more budget-friendly alternative if you’re looking for a quick solution.

Office Cupboards

Office cupboards are essential for any workspace, providing functional storage solutions to keep your office organized and clutter-free.

  • Whether you need a place to store important documents, stationery supplies, or other office essentials, there is a wide range of office cupboards available for sale.

These cupboards come in different styles and sizes to suit various needs.

  • One option is walk-in filing cabinets which offer ample space for storing files and folders.
  • Another popular choice includes Ben filers and Bay filers that can be customized with shelves, cradles, or wire racks to accommodate your specific storage requirements.

These office cupboards are designed with painted or cladded surfaces, ensuring durability while adding a sleek touch to your workspace.

Standard Cupboard Sizes: A Comprehensive List

Are you wondering about the standard sizes for cupboards? Look no further! Here are the dimensions you need to know:

  1. Base kitchen cabinets: These cabinets are typically 34 1/2 inches tall and have a depth of 24 inches. The width can vary from 6 to 42 inches.
  2. Wall kitchen cabinets: Ranging in height from 30 to 42 inches, wall cabinets are perfect for maximizing storage space. The width options for these cabinets range from 9 to 48 inches, while the depth is generally around 12 inches.
  3. Tall kitchen cabinets: As the name suggests, these cabinets are taller than their counterparts, with a height of 2130 mm (approximately 84 inches). They offer ample vertical storage and can be great for pantry items or storing brooms and mops.

All-inclusive Listing of Cupboard Materials in South Africa

All-inclusive Listing of Cupboard Materials in South Africa

Here is a comprehensive list of cupboard materials available in the country:

  • Solid Wood: Known for its timeless beauty, solid wood is a popular choice for high-end cupboards. It offers natural warmth and can be customized with different finishes.
  • Hardboard: This engineered wood product is affordable and versatile. It’s made from compressed wood fibers and can be painted or laminated to achieve different looks.
  • Melamine: Melamine is a cost-effective option that comes in various colors, patterns, and textures. It’s durable, easy to clean, and resistant to scratches and moisture.
  • Medium-Density Fibreboard (MDF): MDF is made from compressed wood fibers mixed with resin. It provides a smooth surface for painting or laminating and is an excellent choice for custom designs.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl-wrapped cupboards offer a sleek and modern look. The vinyl coating provides protection against moisture and makes cleaning effortless.

The Good and the Bad of Various Cupboard Finishes

Finish Pros Cons
Painted Finish Provides a clean, modern look and a wide range of colour options Any scratches or dents are conspicuous
Natural Finish Highlights the wood’s original grain and texture Can be prone to movement such as warping, twisting, and expansion
Laminates Less prone to damage and infestation, making it a durable and cost-effective choice Heavier than more costly materials and could end up sagging
Veneer Finish Provides a high-end look at a more affordable cost Can be damaged easily and are hard to repair
Lacquer Finish Offers a high-gloss finish and excellent durability Requires professional application and maintenance
Acrylic Finish Gives cabinets a mirror-like finish and adds a touch of luxury High cost compared to other finishes
Polyurethane Finish Resistant to water, heat, and other common kitchen spills May discolour over time if exposed to sunlight

Trusted Cupboard Installations throughout South Africa

Choose trusted cupboard installations throughout South Africa for top-tier service and expert craftsmanship.

Affordable Residential Cupboard Installation

If you’re looking for affordable residential cupboard installation services in South Africa, look no further.

  • Experienced teams of local cupboard installers is ready to help transform your home with top-tier craftsmanship and attention to detail.

With a wide range of options available, including built-in cupboards for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, pantry, and more, we can create custom solutions that fit your style and budget.

  • With prices starting from as low as R5 000 per linear meter for budget-friendly options, you don’t have to break the bank to achieve the beautiful cupboards you’ve always wanted.

Trust the experts to handle every step of the process with professionalism and efficiency. And with affordable residential cupboard installation services, you can enjoy high-quality results without compromising on price or quality.

Affordable Commercial Cupboard Installation

Looking for affordable commercial cupboard installation services in South Africa? Look no further!

  • Experienced teams of carpenters specialize in providing top-quality and cost-effective solutions for all your commercial cupboard needs.

From custom designs to efficient installations, they ensure that every project is completed with utmost professionalism and attention to detail.

  • Their wide range of materials, finishes, and sizes allows them to create functional and stylish cupboards that perfectly fit your business requirements.

Trust their expertise to transform your workspace into an organized and efficient environment.

Tabular Guide to Cupboard Prices in South Africa 2023: Costs and Installation Fees Included

Consider the following tabular breakdown that includes estimated prices and installation fees for 2023.

Cupboard Type Price Range Installation Fee
Basic Cupboard R5 000 Included
Premium Cupboard (per linear meter) Up to R20 000 Included
Kitchen Renovation (Entry-level finishes) From R10 000 Variable
Kitchen Renovation (Mid-range finishes) Variable Variable
Kitchen Renovation (High-end finishes) Up to R250n000 Variable
Custom Cabinetry (as part of a top-tier kitchen renovation) Approx 20% of property value Variable

Service Areas Covered by Accredited Cupboard Makers in South Africa

Service Areas Covered by Accredited Cupboard Makers in South Africa

Accredited cupboard makers provide their services across various regions in South Africa.

  • From Johannesburg to Cape Town, Pretoria to Durban, and many more locations, they cover a wide range of service areas.

Regions Covered by Trusted Cupboard Installers

Here’s a breakdown of the specific areas covered:

  1. Alberton
  2. Bellville
  3. Benoni
  4. Bloemfontein
  5. Boksburg
  6. Brackenfell
  7. Brakpan
  8. Cape Town
  9. Centurion
  10. Chatsworth

Specific Neighbourhoods Serviced

Here is a list of some of the specific neighbourhoods we covered:

  1. Alberton
  2. Bellville
  3. Benoni
  4. Bloemfontein
  5. Boksburg
  6. Brackenfell
  7. Brakpan
  8. Cape Town
  9. Centurion
  10. Chatsworth
  11. Durban
  12. Durbanville
  13. East London
  14. Edenvale
  15. Fourways
  16. George

Conclusion about Cupboards: Book the best cupboard installers for top-tier cupboard installation around your area!

Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to installing cupboards in your home.

  • Book the expert cupboard installers from our trusted network and enjoy top-tier installation services that will transform your space.

Whether you need kitchen cupboards, bedroom wardrobes, or custom cabinetry, skilled professionals are ready to bring your vision to life.


1. What are the different types of cupboards available?

  • There are various types of cupboards available, including kitchen cupboards, wardrobe cupboards, bathroom cupboards, and utility room cupboards.

2. How do I choose the right size cupboard for my space?

When choosing a cupboard size, consider the dimensions of your space and what you plan to store in it.

  • Take accurate measurements and ensure there is enough clearance for doors or drawers to open comfortably.

3. Can I customize the design of my cupboard?

Yes, many furniture manufacturers offer customizable options for cupboards.

  • You can choose from different materials, finishes, handles, and internal organization systems to suit your personal taste and storage needs.

4. How do I maintain and clean my cupboard?

  • To keep your cupboard looking its best, regularly dust or wipe down the surfaces with a soft cloth or mild cleaning solution suitable for the material used in construction.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners or rough sponges that could damage finishes.