Redesigning and remodelling kitchen cupboards are our focus and point of expertise. Cupboards in Johannesburg pride ourselves in doing work for owners who live in complexes as we all know those kitchens are really small. Who ever thought of putting one or two cupboards in a kitchen and deemed it okay clearly didn’t have a lot of kitchen utensils.

Most of our clients have the same issue when it comes to their kitchens – Space. Our unique designs allow for the client’s creativity and ideas to shine through, whilst still being practical in terms of their desired space.

Depending on what needs to be done in terms of our kitchen jobs, or how big the space we’re working with is, will depend on how long it will take us to complete installation and our project. On average though, we are looking at a week if we are doing a whole new kitchen, as we will require time to strip your old kitchen and get ready for the new installations.

 Cupboards in Johannesburg are however, just doing a “facelift”, this can be done in one to two days. Our turnaround time from the acceptance of a quote is about two weeks. This allows us time to prepare and manufacture our wooden cupboards to the colour and size that you are looking for.

Cupboards in Johannesburg
Cupboards in Johannesburg

Should you want your design in a colour we may not necessarily have, please do share this with our team and we will try our utmost best to get our hands on it for you. As your satisfaction, is our number one goal.